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The following mission outreach is being conducted during the month of August:
Challenge To Humanity

Help build and equip a new school & students in rural Liberia
Grace Baptist Church
3101 NE Vivion Road – Kansas City, MO 64119
Clean out your closets – clothes, shoes, linens, rugs, purses backpacks, stuffed animals, whatever you have, and bring them to Grace Baptist Church for this outreach project. This will help us support Garmai Wilson in her mission – Challenge To Humanity – to build a school, provide school supplies and clothing in Nyeakai, Bong County, Liberia.

Drop Off your Items on the Following Dates:

8/4/19 12pm-2pm
8/14/19 6pm-8pm
8/25/19 12pm-2pm
8/7/19 6pm-8pm
8/18/19 12pm-2pm
8/28/19 6pm-8pm
8/11/19 12pm-2pm
8/21/19 6pm-8pm

Garmai started this project in 2018 when she came upon this village where no one has been to school. So she stepped up and facilitated a donation of land. Garmai also organized some villagers and bought them a chain saw to begin cutting timber to construct the school. She has since bought material they needed to make bricks and the construction is underway.

There is much more to do. 100% of your donations will be used to support this mission. The school must have 7 rooms to include a lunch/break area and a teacher’s office. Five of the rooms are nearly complete. They are also in need of clean water, so a well needs to be dug. Furthermore, the long vision includes a medical facility and a church.

Questions, call or text Mary Webb 816-392-2916
Go Fund Me Page
Facebook: Challenge to Humanity